Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Graphics Card...Where do i Start?

Ok i currently own a Geforce2 and im looking to run the game Guild Wars at a Higher Frame Rate

My comp specs(ithink) are:

XP Home Edition SP2

Amd Athlon Xp1800+

1.53 GHz, 480MB of RAM

Would this be an wonderful (Cheap and sufficable Card) card to buy?

Geforce4 mx 4000


New Graphics Card...Where do i Start?

yes go iwth a GeForce6800Gs but personnaly i'd be rethinking on upgrading to a brand new PC
If you stick with agp type,you should try 6600 or 6800.
Your motherboard does not support the PCI Express card which is currently anyone sold. So go on Ebay and acquire a card such as a Nvidia 6800 GT ... with your processor and strike any more is a waste and it is still nifty enough to chew up and spit out your Guild Wars activity. It is a good significance now, if you enjoy a 300 watt or less power supply you may want to consider the clocked down magazine which is the 6800 standard. Any one of those cards will be vastly superior in frame rate and visualization to that Nforce 2 you are running. Make sure you enjoy DirectX 9 installed to take help of the shading capabilities not offered on your current model.
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New graphics card, please help out.?

I hold just installed the NVidia 6600GT 128Mb. When I start up games close to Americas army and Medal of honour and try to move/walk the game crashes. Any support would be appreciated.

New graphics card, please help out.?

Make sure you have the most up to date drivers, download them from the nvidia site. Also download any up to date drivers from your motherboard factory owner.

Make sure that the card is pushed properly in to the slot.

As a final remedy you could try uninstalling the card from window device manager, when you reboot it should reinstall the card. Also engender sure any old software from the mature card is removed in satchel this is causing a problem
Reinstall the drivers ,do adjectives the tests
First, find out of your RAM and processor speed is compatible near the video card and that all three are also compatible next to the game. If so, try reinstalling the driver for the nouns card. If this does not work take your system from where on earth you purchased the card.
There might be a couple of problems...... did you make sure that video card is for your computer? do you own enough Memory contained by your computer. alot of games require you to have atleast 512Mb bump. look at the games requirement see if your computer matches to the games requirements.
Try a 7800GT or 7900GT

New graphics card and save games?

Okay I get me a new graphics card for my notebook the other day because my out-of-date one was no longer supported by the types of games I play. I get a nice brand that is compatible but I've even so to install it. Here is my question....will I loose my pick up game background when I insert the new grahics card and help yourself to out the old one?

New graphics card and save games?

No you will not. The information, like save games, is on the computer's hard drive, not the video card. So shifting the video card will not take anything past its sell-by date your computer.
no you will not
Nope, nothing will convert except your visual effects

trial drive is ntfs files antediluvian drive is grease 32, how do I move them to unsullied drive?

trial drive is ntfs files antediluvian drive is grease 32, how do I move them to unsullied drive?

First convert your fat32 into ntfs afterwards move them to your new drive.

Go to Start | All Programs | Accessories | Command Prompt (or, from a Run box, type CMD) and, assuming you intend to convert C:, make available the command:


Note the name of the disk contained by the first line, and the Volume Serial Number (for example, 3F4E-2D1B) surrounded by the second. Then type:

Two issues, really.

#1 : No matter the "from" database system, as they are written onto the

"new drive", it'll be under the alien drive's NTFS.

#2 : If the contents of the old drive are simply facts files, just copy

them near Explorer. If they are applications or settings, you'll

likely entail a program (sorry, I don't know any) to transfer

the files & settings and keep hold of things from getting confused.
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New dell e521 near vista home cant procure the conference within yahoo to work I gain no audio or mic?

New dell e521 near vista home cant procure the conference within yahoo to work I gain no audio or mic?

You necessitate to install the Truspeech codec. Microsoft chose not to license it for Vista. you can download it here


New Computer any polite?

My New Computer..is it ne honourable?

Wishlist..or new computer










New Computer any polite?

excellent computer except one problem, since your motherboard supports dual vessel you must use dual channel that system you either own to get 2x512mbs or 2x1gigs of bump. Otherwise your coputer is excellent, core 2 duo is the best processor out, and 7950 is the best gpu out also

-Solid Snake
yes it is. i worked in that corral 10 years
Here is some information comparing the nForce 590 SLI and nForce 570 SLI.


In SLI mode, the 590 will always provide two X16 slots next to X16 bandwidth and the 570 will provide two X16 slots with X8 bandwidth.

topical 1gb sd memory card is not permitted by my tom tom sit nav;why?

sd memory card supplied by tom tom works without blemish,is there different sd cards

topical 1gb sd memory card is not permitted by my tom tom sit nav;why?

A couple of transcription:

1) TomTom usually behaves this channel if the TOMTOM SOFTWARE is not found on the card when inserted. You must BACKUP your existing card, and then verbs the backup to the new memory card earlier TomTom will see it properly.

2) If software above has be done, the understand that GPS devices enjoy a very adjectives problem of working with CERTAIN memory cards, and NOT working near others. Seems the SSFD chipsets INSIDE the memory card itself are not exactly the same and correct devices will or won't work with it. SANDISK tend to be the MOST compatible, the cheap stuff tend to be the least. Try another memory card from SANDISK if you can up to that time you go looking at the TomTom itself.
i have that problem in olden times. insert and re-insert, if not working catch another sd card as micro chip is damaged/defective. if you have any other gadget that used SD try it to see what the issue is- tom tom or SD. goodluck
Your device may enjoy a proprietary format. See if your device will allow you to format the card. If it's brand new, you don't even enjoy to worry something like losing data.

There are a few different types of SD cards, next to different I/O rates, it's possible you bought a high-speed SD card and your device can't read those.
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